Textile Insect Pests

Textile Insect Pests

We Certified Specialists in Textile Pest Removal for homes and workplaces which are an increasing problem worldwide, because as people travel for both business and leisure, the chances of encountering infestations and inadvertently spreading them increases. These pests are also becoming an increasing issue in student accommodation, care homes and apartments, as once established they can move easily between rooms, spreading infestation to other areas.

Depending on level of infestation we can provide fogging solutions or by sprayer of which can be ready after an hour after treatment plus we give a month guarantee with all are treatments, as we use Insecticides that kill mostly on contact and prices are from £50.00p min charge.

Removal Of:

✓  Fleas
✓ Moths
✓ Carpet Beetle
✓ Spiders
✓ Bed bugs
✓ Ants

We offer 4 weeks guarantee for complete removal and a second visit for free of charge if haven’t complete removal of the pests and free advice.